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New Guidance on Camera System Regulation: Insights from the Czech Data Protection Authority

Written by Advokat Praha

The Czech Data Protection Authority has released new guidelines on the regulation of camera systems (CCTV). This guidance document, while not legally binding, provides a crucial framework likely to impact compliance standards in the field.

Though termed as a "recommendation," this guidance holds significant influence under the Czech Data Protection Authority's regulatory purview. Ignoring these recommendations could lead to enforcement actions, making it crucial for organizations using camera systems to follow these guidelines closely to adhere to data protection standards.

Key aspects of the new guidance from the Czech Data Protection Authority include:

1. Data Storage Duration

The guidance limits the retention period of recorded data to a maximum of 72 hours unless a valid reason is provided for needing longer storage.

2. Documentation Requirements

Organizations are required to enhance their documentation by:

   - Conducting a balance test to evaluate the proportionality of data processing.

   - Analyzing the need for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

   - Creating specific request forms for data subjects, like data erasure requests.

3. Camera System Classification

Organizations should analyze and classify their camera systems to assess the impact on personal data and decide on appropriate protective measures.

4. Personal Data Breach Notification

The guidance establishes a procedure for notifying both authorities and affected individuals if a personal data breach occurs within camera systems.

The guidelines provide clarity on compliance requirements, urging organizations to review and adjust their current camera system operations accordingly. Adhering to these guidelines not only promotes a culture of data protection but also reduces the risk of regulatory penalties.

As data protection regulations continue to evolve, obtaining expert legal advice on data privacy and compliance is crucial. Organizations are encouraged to stay informed and implement best practices as outlined in the guidelines to enhance the protection of personal data managed through camera systems.

For detailed insights and specialized legal advice tailored to specific organizational needs, consulting with legal experts in data protection law is recommended.


This article aims to inform about recent updated interpretation of regulation concerning camera system data protection in the Czech Republic, highlighting the importance of adhering to the new guidelines set by the Data Protection Authority and the benefits of seeking specialized legal counsel. We will gladly assist you.




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