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Feb 15, 2020

Will healthcare supervision be more effective? Part II: Upcoming amendment to the Criminal Code

In the previous section, we dealt with the issue of supervising the provision of health care; in this section, we will deal…
Feb 15, 2020

Will healthcare supervision be more effective?

Cases where healthcare has not been properly provided to patients are not rare, and often fails to avoid media attention. Neglecting health…
Feb 15, 2020

The amendment of Act on road transport: Digital Platforms and Shared Economy in road transport

On 06.12.2018, the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted the Act no. 9/2019 Coll., which amends the Act no. 56/2012 Coll.…
Feb 15, 2020

How to legally monitor empoyees?

Employee monitoring is currently more and more frequently used in the sphere of labour law as an important measure of employee supervision,…
Feb 15, 2020

Enforcement order versus agreements on wage deductions

Many employers must perform deductions from their employees’ wage as a consequence of due debts of the employee and this way, they…
Feb 15, 2020

News in the area of trademarks

The owners of trademarks and persons interested in trademark registration shall be aware, that as of 14th January 2019, an amendment of…
Feb 15, 2020


The amendment no. 376/2018 Coll., which among other things added a new Sec. 13 Subsec. 5 to the Labour Code, came into…
Feb 15, 2020

A new obligation of the employer to report free work positions

As of the 01.01.2019, employers are obliged to report any free work positions to the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family,…
Feb 15, 2020

Cryptocurrency and its legal status according to Slovak law

A cryptocurrency is an entirely new and unique value, the existence of which is currently being solved not only by individuals but…



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